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How To Find The Best Ski Goggles

Skiing is an incredible way to spend your holidays. It is an addictive sport and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Skiing can cause anxiety for first-time skiers. Yes, it can be a daunting experience, but get it right, you’ll definitely fall in love. One of the key steps to enjoy skiing is finding the right goggles. 

As a new skier, you might be hesitant to buy a pair of goggles. Choosing the perfect ski goggles is an integral part of your overall ski experience. First, let us discuss why it’s important to wear ski goggles. 

Why Do You Need Skiing Goggles? 

  • Ski goggles protect your eyes and face from harmful effects of UV light.
  • The tinted lenses help you to see properly in sunny conditions. 
  • Ski goggles act as a barrier against heavy wind and snow.
  • Ski goggles are designed to fit securely in place. 
  • Ski goggles will keep your eyes clear of debris. 
  • The padding is comfortable and helps seal out the wind. 
  • Ski goggles with double lense help in preventing fog and condensation.

Does It Matter What Kind Of Ski Goggles I Get?

Now that we know the importance of wearing ski goggles, let us now discuss tips on how to find the best ski goggles. 

Look For Ski Goggles That Provide UV Protection

Skiing is one of the most fun and exhilarating experiences out there. But all the fun also comes with risks. As you speed down a beautiful mountain covered in snow, you are being exposed to extreme light exposure. Wearing ski goggles with UV protection means you don’t have to worry about the risk of snow blindness and long term eye diseases. 

Look For Ski Goggles That Produces Less Glare

Being in the mountains means that there is a great possibility that the sun would directly shine on your face. This is probably one of the biggest issues you would face. When buying a pair of goggles, look for ones that can minimize the glare and allow you to ski even on bright sunny days. These types of goggles will give you the major benefit of maintaining excellent visibility. 

Look For Ski Goggles That Provide More Contrast 

Ski goggles that provide more contrast can greatly enhance what you see. It can help you see dips in the slope before you ski over it. Helping you to avoid accidents. Here’s a quick guide to ski goggle lens colors: 

  • Clear ski goggle lenses– are best for extremely low light conditions and are necessary for night skiing. 
  • Pink ski goggle lenses– are ideal for partly cloudy days, and for skiing during dusk or dawn.
  • Yellow ski goggle lenses– are excellent for flat light and are optimal for snowy days. The yellow lenses filter out blue light and can also be worn on sunny days. These are the best all-around ski goggles. 
  • Orange/ Amber ski goggle lenses– aid skiers during overcast conditions and also increase visibility in fog. 
  • Black ski goggle lenses– block out a significant amount of UV light. These should be avoided during the night or in flat light conditions. 
  • Brown/ Bronze ski goggle lenses– these tints increase contrast and depth perception, making them perfect to wear when the sun is glaring. Brown lenses help reduce the glare coming from the sun and snow. 
  • Red ski goggle lenses– are also called “vermillion” which means it increases color definition and also sharpens perception. These can be combined with other tints like black or orange, to make lens darker and increase versatility. 
  • Green ski goggle lenses– can help reduce eye fatigue, especially on sunny days. It also increases visual definition in low light conditions. 
  • Blue ski goggle lenses– can be worn in low light, but mirrored blue lenses also work for bright light. 
  • Violet ski goggle lenses– contrast greens and blues while maintaining natural perception. 
  • Photochromic ski goggle lenses- has the ability to darken based on the condition. It allows an accurate perception of detail in flat light, but darken accordingly in bright light. 

Look For Ski Goggles With Ventilation

As you are enjoying your day on the mountain, moisture is can build up and fogging can form on the inside of the goggle lens. The vast majority of the lenses today can create an insulating barrier between the warm air inside the google versus the cold air inside. Look for a pair of goggles that can insulate your face against extreme weather conditions at the same time providing you shield. 

Look For Ski Goggles That Fits You Perfectly

Not all faces are the same size or shape, so as goggles. The fit may vary depending on the brand or model. Remember that finding a pair of goggles with the perfect fit and performance is very important. Fit is not only for comfort, but it will also help in preventing unwanted airflow and face-frame gaps. 

If you ski with a helmet, which is highly recommended for safety purposes. You should also consider if the goggles fit your helmet perfectly. The majority of goggles today are made to be compatible with helmets. 

The perfect fitting ski goggles shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. It should be comfortable and secure enough to keep anything from getting in. 

Look For Ski Goggles That Will Protect Your Eyes

Skiing is indeed fun, but it is extremely dangerous too. One wrong move can cause an accident. It is very possible that these accidents lead to eye damage. Tree branches, blunt objects, or rocks can be deadly at speed and can smack you in the face. Ski goggles were made to protect you from damaging your eyes. 

Wear Ski Goggles That Have Padding

You can easily lose track of time when you are having fun. You can end up having big marks around your eyes if you wear ski goggles for a long time. This can be easily avoided by choosing a pair with additional padding at the front. This way you won’t have to worry about being the laughing stock of your family or friends. 

Skiing is definitely different from anything you might have tried before but it will be an amazing experience. Don’t let anything ruin this experience for you.  Make the necessary preparations, take skiing lessons if you want. Buy the equipment needed and don’t forget that ski goggles are an essential part of a skiers kit.