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Ushake Balaclava Fleece Hood


Ushake Unisex Balaclava Fleece Hood, Ski Face Mask, Snow Heavy Fleece Hood, Cold Season Collar Warmer,  Wind Resistant Headguard, Snowboarding, Snow Recreational Activities, Jogging, Running, Winter Sports Cap, Winter Gear, Motorcycle Air Mask for Men & Women


  • Fleece Fabric: Made with a combination of 92% polyester 8% spandex, Ushake Balaclava is comfortable and not irritating to the skin. Material is soft, breathable and keeps you warm.


  • Multi-Directional Enclosed Protection: Ushake Balaclava guards you against the outdoor elements. May it during winter activities like snowboarding, skiing, moto snow biking, or moto crossing under scorching heat on the desert. 


  • Ultimate Comfort During Winter: Even the blistery snow has no match with the Ushake Balaclava. The durable but light material keeps you warm and dry even it’s wet and cold outside.  The soft and breathable fabric is gentle on your face. 


  • Versatile In Style And Function: Whether you wear the stand-alone balaclava, or cover it with a helmet, both will be hip and stylish. Whenever necessary, you can have it as complete mask cover, a freestyle exposed balaclava, ninja style hoodie, or even tight collar wear. Guaranteed one size fits all. 


  • Satisfaction Guaranteed:  100% brand new and excellent quality or it’s on us. Ushake provides you with the best customer support and we never fail to exceed the customer’s expectations. Ushake Hat is a premium product it offers 12 month period guarantee. Buy now and you’ll know why Ushake is one of the best brands today.


Ushake ensures that its designs are for the customers and by the customers. UShake Heavyweight Warm Balaclava was produced to show that the company listens to you, the customers.

Composed of a young team of outdoor adventure enthusiasts, UShake’s commitment is to provide its customers with superior quality products.  for you and keep improve the products as per your kind feedback.

Ushake Balaclava Fleece Hood is equipped with great features to ensure that your winter or summer adventure is a hassle-free experience.  

Adventure Multifunction Gear


  • For Winter Sports. Ushake Balaclava Fleece Hood is equipped with great features to ensure that you have the ultimate protection for extreme conditions during winter activities. The face mask is windproof and keeps your head dry and warm. 


  • For Desert Adventures. This balaclava your ultimate desert adventure partner. Sunburn, hot wind, heat irritation, and other conditions that come along with desert outdoor activities. Be safe and convenient by using Ushake Balaclava Fleece Hood. 


  • Other Outdoor Activities. Other customers may use the balaclavas for regular motorcycling, cycling, running, hunting, or even construction works. 


Best Fit and Comfort


  • Polyester and Spandex. Ushake Balaclava Fleece Hood is made with soft polyester combined with flexible spandex material. This makes the hood breathable and comfortable. It also has synthetic fur material inside which keeps you warm when cold and absorbs sweat when its hot. 


  • One Size Fits All. Guaranteed one-size-fits-all. Ushake Ushake Balaclava Fleece Hood is ideal for men, women, and children. 

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