USHAKE Bike Gel Seat Cushion Cover, Bicycle Saddle Seat Cover 8×11.5 for Mountain Bike Stationary Exercise Bike, Outdoor or Indoor Cycling

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  • ELIMINATE PAIN: This premium GEL and foam hybrid seat cover provides comfort and a pleasure to ride on, relieving the pain and discomfort caused by long hours of cycling.
  • NON-SLIP DESIGN: With its non-slip underside, this bike seat cushion cover stays in place and won’t slide around while you ride.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Quick and simple to apply and adjust, this seat cover is a low-cost solution to upgrade your bike saddle.
  • VERSATILE: Suitable for all types of bikes including exercise bikes and outdoor bicycles, this seat cushion cover is perfect for both indoor and outdoor cycling.
  • FITS MOST BIKES: Measuring 11.5 x 8.0 inches (LxW), this gel seat cushion cover fits most bike seats. 


UShake Bike Gel Seat Cover


  • Lasting and comfortable. With its thick-gel material, The UShake gel seat cover will give you fewer things to worry about, like pain, sore, and uncomfortable positioning.


  • Made with premium materials. Amazing technology combining the foam and gel, to make your ride enjoyable. Made with Lycra materials to help create less friction. The waterproof material to keep the saddle dry. 


  • Improved biking sessions. With its engineered cushioned seat, it enables you to ride with ease. The gel-padded protection helps to absorb the shock to make your biking less harmful to your joints. 


  • Better exercise activity. With the bike gel cover, you can now focus more on your form, strength, and patience as you workout. Investing in a high-quality gel seat can go a long way. 


  • Less pain biking experience. With the waterproof gel seat cover, there’ll be no second day sore. It helps avoid pain and saddle sore. Bike more with a comfortable seat cover. 

UShake’s goal is to provide quality items to help people who are into running, swimming, cycling, and other sports. With the help of a young and innovative team, UShake’s dedicated to source high-quality products and strive to improve the items. Created to help you enjoy the sports you love with excellent comfort and style. 

Reduces Soreness and Pain from Biking


  • High-quality Gel Item: Innovative technology to fuse the gel with the foam in one seat cover. It helps in absorbing the shock reducing the pain.


  • Durable and Comfortable: Flexible Lycra Material which does not stick, to help you avoid sores. UShake bike seat cover provides you the ultimate comfort, especially during longer cycling sessions. Giving you the boost you need and an excellent experience when it comes to rigorous activities. 


  • Non-Slip underside to that stays in place, keeping your saddle covered. 


  • Easy Mounting: Installing it is an easy and low-cost solution giving you a better feel of your saddle. 

Easy Mounting, Better Comfort


  • Relish Riding – it is compatible with any bike type. You can now enjoy indoor and outdoor biking without experiencing pain created by the bike saddle. 


  • Dimension: the waterproof gel seat cover measurement is 11.5×8.0 inches, which suits most of the bike seats. It does not fit full bike seats, so we recommend that you measure the saddle first before you purchase. 


Recommended Bikes that Fits Best with Our Seat Cover: 

  • Sunny SF-B1002
  • Marcy Club Trainer
  • Sole SB700
  • Giant FastRoad CoMax 1
  • Real Ryder Cycling class bikes
  • XTERRA MB500



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