Wide Bike Saddle Seat, Bike Seat Cushion for Indoor or Outdoor Cycling, Comfort Foam Padded Breathable Big Bicycle Saddles for Men or Women

  • COMFORTABLE SEAT- Our saddle is a comfortable wide bike seats for men or women. With extra padded cushion, it helps you to ride miles and miles longer.
  • EASY INTALLATION: with 1 x 6mm Allen key and 1×12/14 wrench, you will get a perfect tool kit for mounting the seat. An extra bonus for saddle adapter is included.
  • MEASUREMENT: 10-1/4 inches long by 8-3/5 inches wide. A wide seat for comfort.
  • GREAT SUSPENSION: Noise free from normal steel coil design. A red reflective plate for night SAFETY!


UShake Bike Seat Cushion


  • Thick, Breathable, Comfortable, Padded Seat – Padded with extra cushion to protect the hips and buttocks. Made breathable to avoid massive sweat build-up between the saddle and the biker. 


  • Reflective Plate – Our reflective plates rely on light from vehicles behind you: offering a hassle-free and eco-friendly way of ensuring a safe bike ride. 


  • Easy Installation – Comes with 1x6mm Allen key and a 1×12/14 wrench, the perfect tools needed for easy installation.


  • Wide Seat with Great Suspension– The UShake Bike Seat measures at 10 ¼ inches long and 8 ⅗ inches wide with an enhanced noise-free suspension for greater support


  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee– Comes with 12-months long guarantee. A hassle-free refund or replacement is just a single call away with zero cost.



The UShake Bike Seat is a product of UShake. UShake is a US-based company that aims to deliver comfort and style to people who love outdoor sports such as biking, running, swimming, snow skiing, and many more. With its commitment to being a source of premium quality products, UShake offers products that brandish functionality, convenience, and comfort without compromising style. 



Wide and Comfortable


  • Thick extra padding. The UShake Bike Seat is made with added padding to ensure comfort and provide greater support for the hips and buttocks




  • Breathable. Despite the extra padding, the cushion is made with breathable material to avoid sweat build-up between the seat and the biker




  • Wide. UShake’s Bike Seat is 10 ¼ inches long and 8 ⅗ inches wide made to accommodate every biker and ensure comfort




  • Great Suspension. Comes with enhanced suspension that offers greater support without the squeaking



 Universal and Easy to Use



  • Adjustable.  The UShake Bike Seat comes with a saddle adapter for smooth adjustments to achieve that bike seat fit and comfort that works for you




  • Easy Installation. No need to buy tools because UShake Bike Seat comes with the Allen key, and the wretch, for easier installation




  • Maintenance-free. UShake’s Bike Seat comes with a maintenance-free and eco-friendly reflective plate for safer bike rides




  • User-Friendly. The saddle adapter makes the seat easily adjustable and fit for any type of rider, along with its thickened cushion




  • Stylish. Despite the widened seat and thick cushion, the seat looks stylish and fit for any kind of bike



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