Kids Snowboard Goggles

UShake Ski Goggles for Kids – Snow and Ski Goggles for Children, Offers Anti-Fog Lenses and 100% Ultraviolet Protection (by UShake)

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UShake Kiddie Ski Goggles

UShake Ski Goggles for Kids – Snow and Ski Goggles for Children, Offers Anti-Fog Lenses and 100% Ultraviolet Protection (by UShake)


  • Dual-PC Circular Lenses. This product has ultimate cut out frames that could perfectly go with all kinds of skiing outfit designs. It also comes with UV protection.  


  • Anti-Fogging Lenses Offers Optical Clarity. Ensures optical protection from fogging, which can prevent accidents during ski trips for children. 


  • Has Full Range Venting Features. The product helps maintain proper airflow, which keeps the moisture away from the lenses. It provides much-needed oxygen and air for the eyes to prevent ocular damage.


  • Elastic Nylon Straps and Buckles. The soft, nylon straps keep the helmet secure no matter what head size the child has. This feature ensures compatibility for all ages. It also has buckles and double-layered foams that increase the security and comfort level of the user.  


  • Usability and Versatility. This particular product is helmet-compatible. It can fit all types of protective headgear. 


Wholesale Children’s Ski Goggles

UShake is an official brand that mainly handles the creation of products for those who are fond of marathon sports such as running, cycling, swimming, and most importantly skiing. The company is committed to manufacturing premium quality products which are primarily designed to provide comfort, convenience and optimum style to the user.


Optimum Framing and Lenses


  • Framing. Flexible TPU Frame. It takes the form of the owner’s specific facial shape for a perfect fit.
  • Lenses and Straps. PC lenses are scratch-resistant and have complete ultraviolet protection. This particular product utilizes REVO lens and highly adjustable straps.
  • Color. The product comes in many distinct colors (red, blue, black, gold and silver)
  • Protection against UV rays. The product is suitable for kids and young adults alike. It also has protection features against ultraviolet rays which can prevent eye damage due to prolonged sun exposure every single instance of usage.


Quality Material and Layering


  • High-Quality material. This product has polyethylene foams that are 15 mm thick.


  • Multilayered and Softer TPU Frames. This product ensures safety by providing softer frames with multiple layers and a variety of facial foam designs. These designs offer different densities that provide moisture-free comfort, fit, and protection for kids ages 3 to 14.


  • Density. The dual lenses come with the varying gradients to fit the surrounding area and natural lighting as follows:


S1: VLT – 42 to 79%: Low Light

S2: VLT – 18 to 42%: Overcast, Cloudy or Foggy (Daylight)

S3: VLT – 8 to 18%: Sunny to Partly Cloudy

S4: VLT – 0 to 8% Total Sun Exposure




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