USHAKE Head Net Hat, Safari Hat Sun Hat Bucket Hat with Hidden Net Mesh

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  • 100% Nylon
  • Imported
  • Drawstring closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Fabric Composition: Nylon fabric+Polyester net mesh. Non-impregnated fabric serves as a bucket sun hat and allows good air circulation.Bucket Hat with Hidden Net Mesh Protection for Outdoor Lover Men or Women
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Head Circumference: 22.3″-23.2″; Crown depth: 4″; Net mesh Height: 13.4″ long; Brim: 2.95″ wide. It fits comfortable over most headwear. Washing Tip: by hand wash below 86℉ water.
  • DUAL FUNCTIONALITY: The hat features a hidden mesh net compartment on the top that conceals a full head net. Simply pull it up, adjust it to the size of your head and you’re fully prepared to have an enjoying outdoor activity. A head net Hat or Sun Hat!


Ushake Anti-Mosquito Hat

  • Material: Made of soft nylon fabric 100% and Polyester mesh. Black mesh netting provides much better sight than other colors.


  • Fits Most Head Size: Comfortable to wear with the hat diameter of 7.4” and crown length of 4”. The mesh cover is huge with a length of 13.4”.


  • Stylish and Functional: Both veil and the hat have an elasticized drawstring to guarantee fit. To avoid misplacing, the veil is embedded in the hat and can be tucked away through the discreetly placed compartment. Great for gardening and other outdoor activities such as trekking, farming, camping, and traveling. Design is unisex and available in different colors.


  • Gives multi-level protection: Efficient at repelling mosquitos, bugs, ants, ticks, flies, and other little insects that you may encounter when in the outdoors. The hexagonal net pattern keeps the air flowing even during use. The sun’s UV rays are most present in the outdoors, and the safari styled brim shields you from it.


  • Satisfaction Guaranteed:  100% brand new and excellent quality or it’s on us. Ushake provides you with the best customer support and we never fail to exceed the customer’s expectations. Ushake Hat is a premium product it offers 12 month period guarantee. Buy now and you’ll know why Ushake is one of the best brands today.


Ushake is a company based in the U.S and was established by a millennial team. Their business centers on making outdoor activities as hassle-free as possible. Ushake produces accessories and gears for running, cycling, snow skiing, camping, fishing, and swimming.


Multi-purpose Hat

  • Anti-mosquito. Ushake Mosquito Head Net Hat’s best feature is its double functionality. It can be a stylish stand-alone hat or can be used with the net. It has concealed a compartment for the net mesh and if it’s no longer needed, you can simply fold it away on the compartment. When in the outdoors and the mosquitos start teeming around you, simply tuck out the net and you’ll a gear that protects your head down to your neck.


  • Sun Protector. Even without the net, the safari-inspired hat has brim edges that are wide enough to shield your face against the sun’s heat and UV rays. It is reinforced with UPF50 which serves as protection against sunburn.


Breathable and Comfortable Material


  • Polyester and Nylon. Ushake anti-mosquito hat is made with 100% polyester and 100% nylon combined to ensure soft and comfortable product.


  • Nylon Mesh. Black mesh netting is designed for better visibility. For a breathable net, it was devised with 500 holes per square inch hexagonal mesh.


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