Sports Waist Pack for Men

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Wholesale Sports Waist Pack for Men

UShake Running Belt, Bounce-Free Fanny Pack, Sports Waist Pack, Adjustable Running Belts for Men


  • No-bounce! The Ushake Running Belt is made of polyester-lycra fabric, perfect for its durability and portability. The soft elastic band prevents chafing and prevents bouncing or riding during strenuous activity. 


  • Ample Storage Space. Ushake Running Belt’s big main compartment and small front pouch protect items inside from scratches, dirt, sand, and water. The size of the bag fits both large and small items. 


  • Comfortable and Adjustable Straps. The adjustable straps stretch, fitting several sizes of waistlines. An extender belt can be used to accommodate plus-sized people. People of all ages can wear and enjoy the UShake running belt. 


  • Premium Design. The running belt with its sturdy buckle, smooth zipper, and ergonomic design makes for a perfect outdoor running bag. From participating in a marathon, camping, traveling, or cycling, the UShake running belt makes you ready for an adventure. 


  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee. UShake products come with a 1-year money-back guarantee. ANY problems with the product will be met with a full refund of the purchase. Experience risk-free buying from UShake. 


Why Choose UShake Sports Waist Pack


UShake is a US-based brand aiming to bring the best from the people who love the outdoors. The young team of UShake is committed to delivering quality products for runners, cyclists, and swimmers. Our products are made to help you to enjoy sports and exercise through the convenience, style, and comfort they bring. 



  • Big Pouch. The UShake running belt is compatible with most large-screen smartphone brands, such as Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, and iPhone. It can also hold other valuables, such as your wallet, keys, and cash. Never worry about your things not fitting into the pouch, for the bag has ample room to hold them.


  • Quality Materials. Waterproof neoprene fabric will keep your belongings safe from water. High-grade zipper material and design allow you to enjoy a run without the jingling sound of metal. 



  • No-slip and bounce-free. The UShake running belt fits snug on your hips, and will not bounce or slip even during the most intense workout sessions. Its sturdy buckle and glides allow for maximum stability and comfort. 


  • Expandable, adjustable, and breathable. UShake’s adjustable belt will fit a wide range of waistlines. An extender band, as well as its breathable mesh material, will ensure the proper experience, even for plus-sized people. 




  • Sleek. The UShake running belt’s design enables you to wear it over the clothing. While traditional fanny packs are bulky and bounce around, this belt pack is lightweight and follows your movement as if it’s not even there! 



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