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UShake Running Belt With Extender, No-bounce Fanny Pack, Non-Chafing Workout and Sports Belt


  • Quality Material and Superior Comfort. The UShake running belt consists of breathable and lightweight Nylon Lycra fabric, allowing the belt to be durable while being a miniscule burden for the wearer. The adjustable strap makes a snug fit over the body, preventing bouncing and chafing.  


  • Ample Storage Space. The belt has ample space for bulkier items, such as large phones and power banks. Even if it has a big compartment, its design is non-obtrusive and discreet. You would not even know it’s there! 


  • Water and Dirt Resistant. The entirety of the UShake running belt is made from water and dirt resistant materials, protecting everything inside the pack from water, sand, and grime. Thanks to UShake, your valuables will remain dry and safe. 


  • Fashionable and Safe. The white line running through the bag’s body serves as design during the day and a reflective strip at night, affording you a little bit of safety. The front zipper design makes it easier to reach for your phone. 


  • Adjustable and Extendable. Its flexible strap snugly fits many waistlines. If it really does not fit, then its extender band widens that range further, especially for plus-size people. 


Why Choose UShake Running Belt With Extender Belt


UShake is a US-based brand committed to bringing the best outdoor gear to the people who need them. Organized by a young but energetic team, UShake sources high-quality products for the ones who are fond of cycling, skiing, running, swimming, for the ones who love the great outdoors. Enjoy moving with convenience, comfort, and style with UShake. 



  • Adjustable. Elastic straps can be adjusted from waistlines as small as 27” to the ones measuring 42”, and the extender belt lets you go even further than those measurements. Perfect for everyone, from little kids to adults. 


  • Breathable. Nylon and Lycra material keeps your body cool and does not trap moisture, providing another layer of comfort. 


  • No-bounce. The UShake running belt is a snug fit; it won’t bounce around or fall during the workout. It is designed for running, so run your share! 




  • Ideal for Smartphones. The UShake running belt is the perfect brand for large smartphones, such as Samsung Note and iPhone. Never worry about carrying or losing your phone with UShake. 


  • Safe and Discreet. With a reflective strip running through its body, you have fewer worries about getting bumped into at night. Its discreet and non-obtrusive design will never give you discomfort during your runs. 


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