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UShake Ski Goggles, Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch 100% UV Protection Lens TPU Frame


  • It has a unique Aerodynamic Design. It has a double REVO mirrored lens with protection against Ultra-Violet (UV) Rays. It also has an anti-fog layer which gives you sharper visualization while skiing!


  • Anti-Fogging and Provides Sufficient Ventilation to Your Eyes. These snowboard goggles are designed with a full perimeter channel venting to ensure maximum airflow. It brings fresh air into the goggles as it pulls off dampness from the lens. 


  • A Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Frame with Multiple Layers of Face Foam. Its TPU frame provides flexibility and strength altogether, making it perfect for the sport. Each person who loves sport has different faces with different contours and profiles. 


  • It Fits Over Any Standard-sized Eyewear! It is Over-The-Glass (OTG) compatible, which means, you can wear any typical, average-sized eyewear under the goggles, especially prescription eyewear. (As a precaution, we recommend the use of contact lenses instead of prescription eyewear when doing the sport).



  • You can Wear it with Any Headgear. It has an elastic strap and a buckle, which makes it very convenient when adjusting to the size of the user’s head. It goes well with any headgear, and it is helmet-compatible!



UShake Ski Goggles, Snow Goggles, Snowboard Goggles


UShake is an American brand that makes quality products for people who love sports of all kinds. UShake products are tough and stylish, perfect for any sport, for any season. Take, for instance, winte

r sports. UShake crafts the finest ski goggles for women, and men’s snowboard goggles, and vice versa. They also make the best youth snowboarding goggles, and people of all ages!


Ushake is steadfast to give only the finest of its designs and is committed to give only the best for our clients.



Unique Features:


  • TPU frame. Made from tough and flexible materials, it is the perfect protection against collisions. 


  • Orbicular Mega-Wide View. With a landscape view and design that gives a bigger and wider view.


  • 100% UV Protection. Protects against Ultra Violet (UV) rays while skiing


  • Dimensions: 7.00” (Width) x 3.86” (Height)


  • It has an internal width of 4.33”, fits any eyewear when worn (Caution: We recommended wearing contact lenses when skiing for extra safety)


  • Anti-Fogging, Air Ventilation Design (with triple layers of foam with moisture-wicking fleece)


  • Double aerodynamic REVO lenses


  • OTG (Over The Glass)-Compatible


  • Helmet-Compatible


  • Fits perfectly in ski jackets and pants



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