USHAKE Sun Cap Fishing Hat Baseball Cap with Face Neck Cover Flap

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  • 100% Nylon
  • Imported
  • Buckle closure
  • 【 Product information 】Material: Nylon fabric+ Polyester net mesh, Size: One Size Adjustable 22.6″ -23.8″(7 1/8-7 1/2)/ (56.8-60.6cm), bill size: about 3.15″ deep/ 7.48″ wide. Net Weight: About 4.2 Ounces /120g( Very Light), Feel: Soft and Comfortable, Breathable.
  • 【 Quick Dry Fabrics 】Quick Dry fabrics are used, to keep the neck ears and face from sunlights. The whole is surrounded by a neck gaitor, easy to be taken off, sunscreen and breathable. In addition to a neck flap and breathable face, keep you from the sunshine. Quick Dry Baseball Cap Face Neck Cover Flap
  • 【 Breathable, Lightweight 】Our summer sun hat is only 120g, very light, this weight is very comfortable to wear on your head. The large mesh design, together with the breathable fabrics we use, makes this hat easy to wear. Breathable material for all-day wear in warm months. Fabric: Polyester net mesh is great for all types of outdoor activities, even if the hat is wet with sweat or light rain.
  • 【 Cool Net Mesh 】The back of the hat is with an adjusting buckle, and the design with adjustable chin strap ensures the hat stays put even in windy weather. The Net Mesh keeps you cool and also allows it to be used even in light rainy days.


UShake Multipurpose Cap with Neck Flap


  • Upf 50+ UV Protection. Utilizing high-tech fabrics, UShake sports a UPF 50+ UV protection factor to keep the delicate skin on your ears, neck, and face safe from harmful solar rays. This sun cap with neck flap also protects the face from dust.


  • Breathable and Lightweight. This cap is very light and is a comfortable fit over your head. Quality fabrics, as well as its mesh design, makes this cap particularly breathable. Even in the warmest days when you are full of sweat or when wet with light rain, the cap will dry quickly. 


  • Windproof Net Mesh. Its durable metal buckle, located at the back of the hat, and adjustable chin straps make sure that the cap does not go off flapping in the wind. Its net mesh keeps the wearer fresh, and its water-resistant feature allows its use even under light rain. 


  • Durable and Foldable. Easily disassembled and foldable; it will not take up much space in your bag. The fabric is also made durable by stitch crimping. UShake is perfect for the outdoors: crowd fishing, mountaineering, camping, sailing, etc. 


UShake is a US-registered brand focusing on providing quality outdoor and sports products, both within the USA and overseas markets. We are committed to bringing only top-of-the-line products for our customer, coupled with superb customer satisfaction measures. 


The UShake Multipurpose Baseball Cap is one of our product lines and can be used in a variety of ways. 




Baseball Cap 

  • Quality Outdoor Hat. As a baseball cap, UShake is a quality outdoor hat, perfect for fishers, sailors, campers, or mountaineers. 


Flap Fishing Hat


  • Easily Portable Design. As a flap fishing hat, UShake is portable, lightweight at 120 grams, and packs well. 


Mesh Net Flap with Face Mask


  • Professional-Grade Meshwork. When transformed into a sun cap with neck flap, soft, breathable mesh nets that provide utmost comfort are set at both sides. 


  • Adjustable. UShake cap hoods can be adjusted for different head circumferences. Its chin strap can be tightened to make sure the hat stays intact.


  • Quick-Drying Fabric. UShake products use high-quality, quick-drying tower velvet fabric. Thin and comfortable, it also provides a high level of UV protection. 


  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection. UShake’s cap with neck flap keeps harmful UV rays from harming your delicate skin, blocking as much as 98% of UV rays. 




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