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UShake Multipurpose UV Fishing Flap


  • Wide-Brimmed. The UShake multipurpose UV fishing flap sports a wide brim for a 360° shade. Its broad coverage protects the head, ears, neck, and face. 


  • UV Protection. The UShake multipurpose UV fishing flap provides protection from harmful solar rays for longer fun under the sun. 


  • Convenient. Weighing a mere 149 grams, the UShake multipurpose UV fishing flap is a light fit on your head. It is comfortable because of breathable fabric and large mesh design. Even if you are wet with rain or sweat, UShake fabrics are quick drying. Be on the constant go!


  • Element-Proof. High-grade fabric material makes the fishing flap waterproof and windproof. The adjustable chin strap ensures that the hat stays in place even in windy conditions. 


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. UShake hat products come with a 12-month warranty in case of defective purchases or dissatisfaction. 


UShake is a US-based brand dedicated to the people who love the great outdoors. From the cyclists, mountaineers, fishers, to the general traveler, UShake products are the perfect activewear. We are dedicated to source only premium products for our customers, coupling it with excellent customer satisfaction measures. 


Lightweight and Durable 


  • 100% Polyester. The whole cap is made with polyester, resulting in a durable hat that does not sacrifice comfort and style. 


  • Lightweight. Because of its material, the UShake multipurpose UV fishing flap is exceedingly light at 149 grams. 


  • Portability. UShake hats can be easily carried, folded, and packs well. This makes them one of the most suitable headwear for trips and excursions. 


  • Stitch-Crimped. The UShake multipurpose UV fishing flap is made more durable and long-lasting by stitch crimping. 



  • All-round Protection. Its wide-brimmed flap covers the whole area around the head, and its side flaps protect your ears and cheeks as well. 


  • Fabric. UShake’s high-quality fast-drying tower velvet fabric, which is thin, breathable, and comfortable. UShake treatment transforms this fabric into one that blocks up to 98% of harmful UV rays. 




  • Adjustable. The back of the hat and the hood are adjustable to fit different head circumferences. 


  • Breathable. The mesh net design provides the best ventilation and keeps your head fresh, while the fabric is breathable while filtering out unwanted dust and debris. 


  • Quick-Drying Fabric. UShake products use high-quality, quick-drying tower velvet fabric. Rain and sweat will never be a long-standing problem; UShake makes sure that their products dry quickly and thoroughly. 


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