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The Ultimate Fishing Trip Checklist

Fishing has always been one of the best ways to pass the time. The relaxing nature of the activity makes it appropriate for people who want some peace and at the same time, people who want to catch up with friends. Going on a fishing adventure, however, requires some preparations. So here’s a list of what you need for a fishing trip.

1. The Right Clothing For The Right Climate

Even the littlest of inconvenience and discomfort can ruin a perfectly good day, and the same thing goes for a trip. With this, you must pack clothes that will help keep you nice and warm. Since fishing knows no climate-specific apparels are best suited for some climates.

  • For Cold Climates

When going on fishing trips to cold climates, it is essential to have high-quality outwear as well as layering options. If possible, have the following items to ensure a fun trip.

  • Quality Rain Gear

A complete quality rain gear can be expensive, but it is not something you can skip buying. Try to look for the best quality rain gear within your budget. Make sure that the set includes more than just a jacket but also waterproof pants, gloves, hats, and footwear. Even with full rain gear, there are still times when you can get wet, so pack plenty of underwear and socks. 

  • Layering Pieces

Layering up is the key to staying comfortable and warm, especially on cold winter fishing trips. By having a pair of sweatpants and fleece pullover at all times, you will be able to keep yourself warm whenever it gets too cold.

  • Heavy Jacket

The cold can be unpredictable. There are times when it’s bearable and other times when it’s not. So if you have extra space in your bag, it is best to bring a heavy down or synthetic jacket. 

  • For Hot Climate

People often think that hot climates are not as demanding as the cold climates. Unfortunately, they’re wrong. In the same way that extreme cold can ruin a trip, sweating in the sweltering heat have the same potential of making a trip less fun. 

  • Cool Protective Clothing

Fishing is an activity that requires patience. Getting that catch may sometimes require a lot of time. Hence, long hot days under the sun. Excessive exposure to it can lead to dehydration, burns, and even heat stroke. Make sure to cover up and wear clothes that allow air to pass through so you can keep fresh. 

  • Sun Protective Hat and Gloves

Spotting a fish can be hard under the heat of the sun due to glares. Having a hat that protects both your face, neck, and ears is essential to avoid burns. In the same vein having gloves that protect that hands are also important. 

2. Extra Line, Leader, and Line Cutter

For the duration of your fishing trip, it is almost impossible not to get your line broken or tangled up for whatever reason. Thus, it is always good to have back up lines and leaders. The longer the trip, the more extra fishing supplies you will need. When it comes to considering what types of lines and leaders to bring, take note of the water condition where you’ll be fishing in. If they’re rough, go for more durable and more massive lines. On the other hand, if you’ll be fishing in relatively calm and clear waters, go for thin clear lines that enhance stealth. Sometimes you are left with no option but to cut your line. In these moments, it’s best to have something to cut it so you can move on and get back to fishing again.

3. Floaters and Sinkers

Floaters or bobbers are there to help alert fishers of a possible catch. Floaters sink when fish bites. At that moment, the anglers would know when to reel their catch in. Floaters come in different designs, and most people use round red and plastic ones. You can also opt for the traditional way of using a piece of cork with a stick. On the other hand, sinkers let the hook and the worm to go deeper since they’re sometimes too light. Because they go underneath the water, they are often lost to the depths, so it is best to have a few extras handy. 

4. First Aid Kits and Medications

Although major emergencies are unlikely to happen if you are experienced and follow the safety guidelines, small injuries likely occur. These minor injuries can span from getting your thumb caught in a hook or accidentally falling off and acquiring cuts. A first aid kit can come in handy to ensure that you or your buds don’t get an infection. For those who take maintenance medication, make sure that your containers are filled and are stored in easy to reach places. The same advice applies to those who have diseases. 

5. Sunscreen and Insect Repellant

Regardless of whether the climate is hot or cold, as long as it’s not raining, the sun’s beams can burn your skin. For an activity that requires you to stay under the sun for a long time having sunscreen is crucial. It will help protect your skin from burns and the harmful UV rays. Some people attract more bugs and mosquitoes than others. But even if you are not one of them having a bug or insect repellant will be of great help especially if you’ll be going to unknown fishing sites

6. Toiletries

Trips can last for days on end. One way to make sure that you can stay comfortable and fresh is by having the essential products that will help you keep yourself clean. For easier packing, have your toiletries in small bottles that can store just the right amount of products that will last you the whole trip. Going for small, clear, and refillable containers are also more budget-friendly than buying ‘travel size’ products.

7. Identification cards and waterproof bag

For fishing trips, especially cross-country ones, having the proper identifications can save you a lot of hassle. Just like in any journey, it is important to have identification cards that will help you a ton if unwanted happenings and emergencies occur. Having the right storage for your IDs as well as your other personal items is just as important. Bring with you a waterproof bag that can keep your phone, wallet, and IDs dry and safe. 

Just like any other trip, fishing trips are even more fun when you are prepared. Make sure to use this guide and have a fun fishing trip.