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Top 12 Sun Hats to Keep Your Face Protected from UV Rays

Now, more than ever, people need to commit to ways of protection against the sun. The heat is much more intense now than it was years ago that dermatologists are recommending to always be prepared against the harmful UV rays. Aside from slathering yourself with sunscreen, wearing hats can provide you with that extra heat relief. Here are some types of hats that you can wear to help you stay stylish yet safe wherever you go.

Types of Men’s Sun Hat

  1. Fedora – Fedoras have been the ultimate male accessory even way back in the 1920s. It is still making rounds in the current fashion scene, and it can give you great support against the sun because of its firm brim and thick materials.
  2. Panama Hat – Wearing this headgear can immediately transport you to a perfect beach setting. These hats are lightweight and light-colored, completely breathable even in the warmer days.
  3. Boater – This straw hat partnered with a ribbon around its crown is a summer essential that will surely protect you from the sun. They are flat-topped, wide-brimmed, and fun to wear if you want to set the trend.
  4. Bucket Hats – Gone were the days when bucket hats only used by fishermen at the docks. Making a comeback this year, the bucket hat can be made from a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and sizes that there’s no worry if you can find a sun hat for large head friends.

Types of Women’s Sun Hat

  1. Floppy Hat – If it’s sun protection that you are looking for, the best that you can work with is a floppy, wide-brimmed hat. It can shade your head, your neck, and your chest from the harmful rays of the sun. This hat is quite a fashion statement, too, so you can partner with a dainty sundress or some sunglasses for a chic factor.
  2. Kettle Hat – If you are looking for a stylish design that offers your much-needed sun protection, a straw kettle hat might be the one that you need. Its brim can also be turned up for better sturdiness or to match the angle of the sunlight. Some even come with brim cords to make sure that the wind won’t take it away, and you can adjust it to fit as a sun hat for small head individuals.
  3. Cloche Hat – For a vintage look, you can use a cloche hat, which is shaped like a bell and was made famous during the 1900s. In recent years, its design was reinvigorated and can be made using cloth, straw, and felt.
  4. Belladonna Hat – If the brim you are looking for is one that is super wide and extra, go for a belladonna hat. Most brims are measured at 7 inches or even longer! You won’t need to worry about sunlight hitting your forehead, your eyes, your cheek, or your nape. Most of the time, it also comes with drawstrings to make it fit the size of your head.

Types of Sun Hats for Children

  1. Reversible Bucket Hats – As children keep changing their minds, a reversible hat would be perfect as they get two designs in one. This type is an ideal sun hat for young girls, especially for those with long hair, as they won’t be required to wear headpieces with back flaps. Because these are designed to be worn all day, they are lightweight and come with chin straps for a better fit.
  2. Wide Brim Baby Hats – If you are looking for a sun hat for baby girl or baby boys with tiny heads, you might find it a little hard to pick one. Just make sure that the model you will choose comes with a chin strap and a head strap so that the hats will not be removed easily, and it fit your kid’s head well.
  3. Rambler Hat – If comfort is what you are after, a rambler hat would be perfect for your kid. The design of this model can make your child feel like he or she is an explorer because of its style. For added moisture control, rambler hats come with headbands, which will make it a perfect one for active kids.
  4. Flap Hat – For young and enthusiastic kids, you should provide them hats with back flaps so your necks and ears will not be burned out. Make sure that you get designs with likable prints so that your kid won’t have trouble wearing the hat at all times. The flaps in the caps are lightweight anyway, so you will not be worried about breathability.

Sun Hat Buying Guide

Before you buy sun hats, here are the main things that you have to consider.

  1. UV Protection – Having a hat that offers UV protection will protect your skin against melanoma and your eyes against cataracts.
  2. Color – For hats, you should go for ones with light and bright colors because they will reflect UV rays instead of absorbing them. If you want some style, that’s okay, as long as a light color like beige, cream, light blue, or light pink, or white would be the main one.
  3. Straps – To make sure that the sun hat fits your head well, so you need not worry about adjusting the hat repeatedly. Straps will also ease your worries against strong winds 
  4. Material – When buying a sun hat, make sure that the material is breathable. The ones that you should look into are polyester, cotton blends, or pure cotton.
  5. Coverage – For protection on the parts of your face, neck, and ears, at least 3 inches of hat brim is more than enough to give you the protection that you need.
  6. Moisture Control – Because of the heat, you cannot deny that you will sweat a lot. Some sun hats come with linings that will remove the sweat and water away from your head, so you can look for features like that.
  7. The Tightness of the Weave – For sun hats, the tighter the braiding, the better. You might like holes for aesthetic purposes, but they let the sun pass through and not protect you adequately.

With many options available, at the end of the day, it just depends on what your needs are and what your specific preferences are. Use this guide, make your sun hat pick and enjoy your adventures!